Kswavy & 8'z

New artist to the scene , KSwavy coming out of Brockton,MA. He teams up with 8'z to put out his first tape " Livin Life". The tape is a pop hip-hop sound, which we're sure everyone will be hearing more often in upcoming years. 8'z lets us know that Livin’ Life was something that he's been wanting to do for a while. He's worked with Swavy in the past on numerous occasions. It was him that inspired me to sing on records along with some other good friends. 8'z specialize in helping artist find their sounds, they would be in the studio for hours on end multiple times a week, coaching him into his sound. When they came across this sound…. the hybrid of Hip Hop and Pop….. they knew that we really had something. Make sure you guys stay to tuned for more work.

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