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Greta Zukauskaite,

M.A. Human Geography

Brockton High School Class of 2011



“When you mix opportunity, luck and hard work, you can manifest great things.”


Motivated by her passions and using opportunities as tools for growth, Greta Zukauskaite is a respected Brockton High School alumna.

The Lithuania-native immigrated to Brockton when she was five and recalls a time of excitement during the transition. “There was no time for excuses,” she says. “There was only opportunity.”

Greta graduated in 2011 as an International Baccalaureate scholar and president of her class. With an outgoing personality and inclusive nature, she was well-liked among her peers. “Whatever impact I left on people,” Greta recalls, “was a product of seizing the opportunity to do something positive and being confident I could do it.”


Greta has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from American University as well as a Masters degree in Human Geography from King’s College London. She is well traveled and has returned to Massachusetts with a passion for social and environmental justice. A community action coordinator for the C5 program at Crossroads, Greta motivates teens to excel academically and civically. Her main mode of teaching is exposure, connecting youth with opportunities to serve throughout the south shore area and beyond. Her goal is to ensure teens see the importance of serving the community and how impactful a person can be at any age. “The question is, why are you not investing into your community?”


Habits such as waking early for fresh tea, writing down morning thoughts and sticking to a self-care routine have attributed to Greta’s overall success. “The things we do matter” she notes, speaking of her own journey to become more mindful each day. When asked if she saw herself as successful, Greta responded “yeah, sure. But I’d much rather say I’m inspired. To wake up everyday and know that I am having a positive impact on someone is an idea of success for me. It inspires me to do more each day.”

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